Evolutionary Light Essences are a bit of Healing in a bottle. The individual Essences are all based upon different themes, which promotes a healing in a specific area.  As you take the Essence daily, the effect will add up, bringing specific focussed healing and attention on a particular issues.

Evolutionary Light Essences are a healing tool that support your individual growth, freedom, and are personal to you and your journey.

There are a plethora of Essences to consider and choose from, so you can find the perfect one for you that will enable you to raise your vibration and help you reach a sovereignty over challenges you might be facing. Essences can support you to cancel out repetitive patterns or bring changes into up into your consciousness that help you move forward in your life. They work on a deep level, a bit like Soul Retrieval work.

Please note: all Essences are taken at your own risk according to our Terms & Conditions


The Soul Essences Series

The Soul Series Essences are a set of 4 Essences that give you support as you move through particular stages in life, or, when you want to really experience change in your circumstances. They are very powerful and help you find overview to areas that you want to see a more macro change in.

Some people have taken this series to begin a year that they really now want make personal changes in, find new gifts and qualities in themselves, others, to help them integrate life lessons as they move from one stage of life to another. These can be situations like moving house, any endings and new beginnings or develop ways to embrace choices you want to make or decisions you have had to take. I find this series hugely supportive when there are changes that I don’t know how to make, or accept, and want to move forward in more wholeness. This Soul Series has been invaluable to me personally, so I do recommend it to anyone wanting to live through changes and come out the other side in a better place!

Other Essence Series

Astrological Series

This series offers the opportunity to develop qualities afforded by each astrological sign.

Planet Series

This essence series is a perfect tool for deepening the qualities embodied by these planets.

Numerology Series

This series follows a process that uses the essence of numbers to empower yourself.