Reiki Healing


Healing is a word that encompasses many things, and has profound positive effects and change upon your well being. I qualified as a Healer in 2001 and have practiced since this time. I qualified as a nurse in 1990 also, although I no longer practice in this profession since doing my Spiritual work full time.

How it Works

Sessions are still done on Zoom, and I will get you to sit comfortably in front of the computer, phone, tablet or laptop screen, and I will tune into you. I will often direct you to place your hands over certain parts of your body, and channel the energy via this. Energy is channelled via me though my guides and helpers, and is transmitted to you. You’d need to ensure that you are warmly and comfortably seated, and can see the screen, and hear me ok. I can easily tune into your body like this and scan down to see what is happening. You may just want to sit with your hands in your lap though, and not move at all. 

Healing sessions are up to 40 minutes. You remain fully clothed for the treatment, and may want a blanket to help you feel warm and comfortable.

Each individual case is different, we take a medical history and discuss any aspects you want help with and then consider your personal treatment plan together for how best to move forward. Among some of the techniques I use include Sound, sometimes Energy medicine techniques, and aspects of Cranial Sacral Therapy and pressure point holding. I would direct you as to where to put your hands and channel this to you. You may not want to do this, and simply receive the healing with your hands in your lap as we visualise where the energy will flow to. People often report warmth, tingling etc, and even though this is a remote healing, works very well still. 

I am a Blues and Soul singer, and frequently use sound in my healing with others, sometimes by ‘blowing a note’ into the body, or using my tuning forks, voice or singing bowls to effect change and shift blockages. Sound cuts through blockages very quickly.

What is Illness?

In my personal experience, I believe that Illness is a threefold thing, and encompasses emotional, physical and spiritual aspects to it. Often, my Divine guides will give pointers on reasons behind illness too, and what might help promote change.

Session Length

Each session is up to 40 minutes in duration. People report feeling lighter, freer, significantly more relaxed and often with a reduction in pain and troubling conditions. Occasionally as we adjust to our new energetic position we may have a bit of a detox, and it is important to support the body by drinking plenty of water following treatments to flush out any toxins as we release that which no longer serves us. Often people feel the energy flowing through them and say they feel a tingling sensation in their limbs or hands. One woman I see like this says she sees coloured Lights behind her closed eyes.

Quite often when people are helped to find what is going on with their bodies and how this relates to the rest of their lives a real transformational change can occur.  The condition starts to heal as it has been ‘seen’ and the message that was being conveyed by the illness can now start to cancel the symptoms and the ways we may suffer, as we begin to listen to our bodies, and come to a place of accepting what’s going on, and the message in it for us. People often feel heat and warmth travelling through them during the session, or an easing of the spine and such like. My nursing qualification further compliments my spiritual support from my guides and helps offer you a comprehensive treatment for positive personal change. Although this is still a remote session, it is very powerful and people have felt a good benefit, as they were surprised it would still work. Energy work can cut through all barriers of time and space however, and your proximity and geographical distance is no barrier to receiving this powerful healing. 

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