Reading and Healing Combination Sessions

Reading and Healing Combination Sessions

Sometimes when we feel we are in a bit of a tight spot with life’s problems, we need someone else to intuit into what is going on ‘underneath’ situations for us. It isn’t always crisp and crystal clear to us exactly what is going on, because there can be a multitude of issues that we feel emotionally bound to consider, we can’t always be objective or impersonal with ourselves the way we can with others. One issue leads to another until there’s a swarm of issues going round in our heads, or feels as if there’s a plethora of problems to overcome.

We can feel stuck in a hole at times, or as if we can’t get any perspective on the situation ourselves , most especially when it comes to looking at our own personal problems. Sometimes we don’t know what to focus our healing on, as we can feel we have so much ‘stuff’ that needs sorting out in our lives, we don’t know where to begin!

When our personal circumstances feel a bit overwhelming , we can find that we have somehow reached our limit in trying to bring any kind of understanding or shift in what is going on between us and others, or in complex circumstances around us.

You are not alone!

Although you may feel you can’t recover your mental or emotional freedom from what might seem like a ‘frustrating or ridiculous situation’, when we add in the Psychic overview together with the presenting issues for consideration, we find that the way forward can start to emerge.

As  we begin to understand the emotional dynamics,  which come up for healing through the situation being revealed to us, it allows us the opportunity to bring in the changes that can make a real difference in our lives at a deep level.

The role of psychic readings

When we have a Psychic Reading, it seems a somehow ‘magical’ solution, given by our divine guidance can now reveal more of a crystal clear path forward, and add in another perspective on what personally benefits, supports and counts for you the most right now.

Readings bring up insights to illuminate the shifts needed that can help you recover your sovereignty and peace of mind again.

Your individual personal Reading pinpoints  what needs most to be worked upon, what overview or assessment your divine guides may have; which from human perspective you couldn’t reach before, and so this specific information can now inform the Work together between us.

Having someone take an objective and Psychic overview of your situation allows us to assess how we might best get your own vibrant self back to seeing some ‘Light at the end of the tunnel’  again, that,  in itself can cancel out the sense of feeling isolated, alone, or stuck in some perfectly hopeless hole from which you can’t recover or see the way forward.

A personally focussed and specific game plan is now offered up to consider how we might best progress. Working Together with me, both my and your Divine Guides declare what is the priority focus needed to bring you the healing you’d need to recover some mental  freedom, find your happiness and reach your  goals.

Your Divine Guidance knows best what Healing  might support you individually as they know You, what you need, and what most counts and matters to you in your life.

Each Psychic Reading, and Evolutionary Light Healing session is perfectly unique to you and tailored to your individual  and personal circumstances, examining the situation from a variety of angles, to find the most ideal solution for you. We ascertain what healing will give you the most beneficial change, or, raise you up to your highest vibration, bringing up what constitutes your own personal Jackpot gold to the surface, as it were!

Quite often with Psychic readings, the main issue underpinning  countless swarms of ‘different seeming’ situations comes to Light, offering us a unique way forward that is the right thing for YOU.

 Now, we find we can crystallise a plethora of issues, from various trickling down information received into a main theme, and this gives us the focus to our personal solution.

The value of a psychic overview

A Psychic Overview of the issues can inform us as how best to proceed and prioritise our course of action. Psychically derived information enables us to add in a number of factors, which, taken together can previously have felt a bit like gridlock or some mad crescendo, but, when broken down to a theme, enables us to count up how many of our personal issues stem from one theme or belief.

This isn’t to say that all issues boil down to just one point, but, we sometimes do find that the issues are different facets of a theme, and so that like a set of dominoes, one impacts upon the other, and so forth.

When we find that common denominator, we can realise that this theme impacts upon very many circumstances in our personal lives, and so focussed Evolutionary Light work can delete our connection with that theme which can therefore help us reach a freedom.

For example, you might have an issue with say, allowing more Love in, and, holding a boundary with others, and underneath we see that Self worth or lack of,  is an underpinning factor in both of those situations.

To our immense relief, as our personal healing progresses We can then find that we have done a complete swivel, or about turn on issues that we previously felt in bondage to, and that we have more permission to follow our truth, rather than someone else’s personal agenda!

Shaping your Evolutionary Light Healing

We can then shape your personal Evolutionary Light Healing as a progressive programme between us, which is reviewed and evaluated as to your own next right step.

The combined Reading and Healing option is a very popular one, as it offers up a powerful insight into how things unfold for you in the future and what might best support you now to deal with upcoming events.

Your own  Divine Guides and helpers want the best for you, they want you to reach your highest potential, your personal ‘miracle’  as  to what most frees you and makes you happy, and so a Psychic Reading considers and illuminates the right course that allows you to evolve most upon your own journey. See here for Self Care during Light Healing

From this vantage point you can begin to count on yourself to take your rightful place as One who has sovereignty over their life,  making their own journey towards their independent personal evolution.

  • Would you like some Psychic direction with signposting to which Healing can most support you? 
  • Could you do with a Reading to pinpoint the main issues facing you and some healing to address and help resolve these things?
  • Would a Psychic overview help find solutions to repetitive problems?
  • Do you need support to unhook from people, places and things that you need to let go of?

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