The Trauma Transformation

The Trauma Transformation

The Trauma Transformation

Many of us have experienced Trauma in our lives, and it has shaken us upside down. Sometimes,  when the Trauma is particularly severe, or happened when we were very young and vulnerable it can feel like a devastating event. If perhaps our experience wasn’t  seen or dealt with supportively by others around us, it can have enormous consequences for us, in how we are then able to operate in life. Sometimes, we might feel like we are never going to find some personal recovery from it or get over the effects of what has happened to us. Dealing with trauma can bring up a plethora of reactive  behaviours, and a swarm of feelings in us, which at times we just don’t know how to deal with. The magnitude of the ‘after effect’ of trauma can seem ridiculous to others who don’t understand, or, even to us at times, but this set of reactions often represent a crescendo of emotional pain which makes us feel alone, or cut off from others.

It doesn’t matter what the Trauma is, how severe or not we think it is, whether we declare that we should have ‘gotten over it by now’ or that we are ‘being ridiculous and just making a fuss’, or say to ourselves that what happens to other people is much worse etc. What really matters however , is How it affected YOU, then, and how the effects of it can still trickle down now in your life today.

This is particularly so if you’ve had no control over what happened or felt powerless in the face of the event.

Studies in Trauma find that even the worst traumatic experiences can be reconciled to us if we are given help, support, witness and understanding when they occur.

Often, this isn’t the case, and for a variety of reasons other people might not want to consider our reality,  acknowledge or support us either with the circumstances that engendered the trauma or effects of it upon us. It may be, if they can give support to us, they can only be there for a bit, with aspects that don’t trigger their own stuff.  

Others can find that our vulnerability is ‘too much’ for them, and they may either deny or minimise our experiences, or be punitive to us for revealing our hurt. These responses can add up to make us feel very isolated. It can be as if we alone now must bear the consequences of our traumatic experiences, that there is something in us which will not allow us to ‘be’ as we are, that we are faulty.

This separation from others and ourselves can then feel as if we are in a deep, dark hole from which we can not recover. We become demoralised , as if we have reached our limit and can not take any more.

Sometimes, even after years of therapy, of trying to make sense of how we reconcile events, or try to reach a place of equilibrium within ourselves, we feel as if we are so scarred, so damaged, we won’t recover. This can make us despondent, and we can think that we are ‘less than’ or unloveable due to the fragmentation we might feel within ourselves or our relationships. We then blame or punish ourselves, as if we are somehow wrong for reacting to the trauma, or think that the trauma itself is our fault.

What Constitues Trauma?

Trauma can result from a multitude of types of experiences, which include childhood abuses, family dysfunction or addiction, bereavement, bullying, sudden accidents or perceived threats to life, wars, domestic violence, extreme poverty, racial or LGBT persecution, persistent neglect, shocks, or even witnessing some of these incidents happening to others.

Sometimes it may be defined by an aggregated effect from many little incidents over a period of time.

We may be told we have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Complex PTSD ( CPTSD), or any number of labels trying to explain our normal reactions to events that were completely overwhelming to us at the time.

Sometimes it is not ONE incident of Trauma, but many little ones which have a cumulative affect over a period of time, or that added up together give us the message that we are unimportant, that it doesn’t matter what happens to us, or that our personal selves don’t count.

For example, If we lived in a dysfunctional family, there are many years worth of little events all added up together; from birth to age 18 itself alone gives us 6,570 days in which we might have experienced the trickling effects of feeling unloved, criticised, ridiculed, unsafe, rejected or belittled. This conglomeration of events taken together, at a time when we are vulnerable and do not have the option of walking away, causes a lot of pain in us, and can bring us the sense of feeling alone, shamed,  or that our needs are not worth considering.

Often, when we have experienced Trauma in early life, we can then unconsciously repeat that pattern in our Love or Work relationships, finding ourselves in situations where we are magnetised towards someone unavailable , bullying or controlling towards us, and we don’t know how to get out, to find our freedom and personal sovereignty.

Some of the things mentioned before can seem like large events, but It is not so much the event of the Trauma, but rather more, how it all adds up in your personal circumstances, how You have perceived it, the level of sensitivity you have generally as a person, and what support, if any, you had at the time of its occurrence.

For example, it may be that your parents were emotionally or physically unavailable for you, or, you may have gone to boarding school and not managed the separation, you may have experienced a lot of fear in your life for a variety of reasons. You may find you have real attachment issues with people and can’t connect to or trust others as you’ve experienced people not being safe for you. It doesn’t really matter what the incident is, it is how it has affected you, and how you manage your life as a result.

Trauma gets lodged in our minds, energetic fields, our bodies. It isn’t always crystal clear what the Trauma is, we might just feel that is very hard for us to reach a place where we can just be relaxed or at ease, that we are constantly on alert.

Trauma is stored differently in our brain to other memories. It can be hard to reconcile what our deepest sense knows with our minds.  Your body might bring you a plethora of experiences ; fragments of memories, (these are not usually crisp, vibrant images), but senses, feelings, smells, or even swarms of sensations in dreams. This can bring us the belief that we are not ‘together enough’ or others may even declare to us that we are being absolutely ridiculous, or over sensitive. If our experience is minimised or unacknowledged  by others it can make us feel we are going mad somehow.

The impact of Trauma

Often, we are not kind to ourselves as we try to process our reactions to trauma,  cancelling out our felt experiences , judging ourselves as somehow ‘being dramatic’ or feeling that we should have processed it all already. We may really struggle with feeling our vulnerability, or when others are vulnerable too, we may find we feel unable to cope. The impact of Trauma affects us in a multitude of ways. Here are some of the ways we can experience the impact of Trauma and how it can show up in our own lives or together between ourselves and others:

  • How safe we feel or don’t  in the world.
  • How we manage our Romantic Relationships.
  • What repetitive patterns we can get into with other people.
  • How we relate to our bodies, how we relate together with others’ bodies.
  • How we manage our Physical health and wellbeing.
  • How we earn or deal with money.
  • Whether we use Addictive or self sabotaging behaviours to cope.
  • How we relate to our families.
  • What we believe we are worth.
  • How we can manage our boundaries and limits.
  • How we experience emotional or physical intimacy with others.
  • How we  can allow ourselves or not  to be in Joy or spontaneity.
  • How we let others treat us.
  • How we allow our creativity out.
  • How we deal with our fears.
  • How kind or not we are to ourselves.
  • What types of Relationships we can draw to us.
  • How we can manage or prioritise up our self- care.
  • How we are able to trust in people, or Life.
  • How we manage our time and expectations of ourselves.
  • How we attach or don’t to others.
  • How we deal with our problems or cope with life.
  • How we enjoy or have fun in our lives.
  • How we show up for ourselves in the world.
  • What we believe we deserve.

 Trauma is not a ‘one size’ fits all thing. There are very many layers to it, and it is important to say that Evolutionary Light work will not cancel or remove what has happened to you, as if it never occurred, but it can really support you in coming to a place of resolution and acceptance in your journey with what has happened to you.

How can Evolutionary Light Work help?

Evolutionary Light work can help change your reactions so that you are able to assimilate your experiences. This work can removes the hooks that still catch you, or barb you in your life and relationships, affecting your personal freedom and sovereignty.

As Trauma operates on a number of levels, there are many layers to this Onion. Therefore, this a Transformation that can be done a number of times, as you get to increasingly deep layers and receive the benefits of having processed more of your experiences. Evolutionary Light work is done as an initial session of receiving the Light, with an unfolding time of weeks, or months. (Please see section on how Evolutionary Light Healing works)

It is important not to overwhelm yourself so with work like this we go gently and carefully. This is so that you can integrate the feelings and experiences that inevitably come up as the result of this very constructive healing work.

You may find that over a period of time as your feelings and experience changes and progresses you examine how the various facets of what happened have impacted on different areas of your life, i.e. relationships etc.

It is common to start by  looking at the initial event itself generally and the impact on you as a macro view, (you will not be expected to relate your whole intimate story in an over exposing, re-traumatising way) You may then choose to look at further sessions in a more specific way, i.e. the impact it has had specifically on your Relationships , or the way that you relate to your body, or, the way you process your value in the world etc. There are a number of ways this Transformation can be constructed, as we are all individuals, with different personal experiences.

As you evolve through this work, you can find that some of the triggers that you may have experienced, no longer call to you in the same ways, that your hyper-vigilance decreases, that certain people don’t terrify or wind you up in the same ways.

This work doesn’t entirely remove or  cancel out your scars as though they never happened, because your personal human experience makes up who You are, but it does enable you to move through your life in a less triggered and more reconciled way, and feel more integrated.

As the Evolutionary Light Healing trickles down through the layers of your consciousness, you start to recover your personal freedom, your sovereignty and reunification together with yourself and the different aspects between you. Although Evolutionary Light work can be challenging to go through at times, the personal shifts in your feelings about who you are can now help you reach up to bring a renewed sense of unity, a new vibrant and, what may feel a  magical sense of now being restored back to a connection with the Divine in you once more.

Evolutionary Light work brings up feelings and memories to the surface to be processed and let go of. These are transient states brought up, and although emotions are felt, they are not permanent states, and pass through us. It is very important to be very gentle with yourself as you go through this process of letting go and recovering yourself.

The Trauma Transformation is like being helped to being more restored back to your Blueprint, incorporating your experiences back to you, so they don’t become the only defining moment of your life, but a part of your life.

Additionally, we often look at themes of persecution too, so that you are not signed up to ‘more of the same’, as you vibrate on a different level, which offers you more personal freedom and choices, to experience being who you really are,  at your imperfectly perfect , human and divine core.

Doing this Transformation

Some people choose to do this Transformation before the Victim/ Persecutor/ Rescuer Triangle Transformation, some people concentrate on doing this Transformation over a few sessions to enable them to look at the multifaceted layers of Trauma Recovery, it can be a good idea to do this work whilst you are in a therapeutic type relationship, to help you manage the feelings. This work does not replace or circumvent Therapeutic relationships, which also help you unpick your history. See here for Self Care during Light Work.

You can have yourself back, find freedom and reclaim bits of you that have been shattered, or taken away, and you can heal. It isn’t possible to cancel or undo what has happened to you, as though it never did, but, it is possible to reintegrate the pieces of yourself. The Trauma Transformations incorporate the learning that you have had through your painful experiences, and enable you to be more functional, more newly formed, yes, with scars, but, with the wisdom that dealing with those scars gave you to make a more unified, together and resilient whole.

We are not perfect beings, and may always have cracked and wonky bits to us, because between us we are unique, and beautifully human, but we can learn to accept those bits, and find we begin to see the whole tapestry of ourselves, rather than just the broken bits or the holes in us all. The Trauma Transformations can really assist you in moving forward past triggers that felt insurmountable in the past, and recover and reconcile you to who you are Now. This powerful work can bring you a shift between past and present that enables you to find your sovereignty, your freedom, your own individual Jackpot of independence.

What happened to you is not the ending of you, rather, it is the gateway to your new, personal gold,  an arisen and vibrant beginning.

Imagine how it might be to experience an integration from trauma in your life. If you’d like to give yourself that  opportunity and freedom book a Trauma Transformation for yourself now.

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