Evolutionary Light Healing

What is Evolutionary Light?

Evolutionary Light is a different type of healing that really goes deeply to the consciousness of issues. It is a modality that works over a period of time, bringing up a plethora of issues for transformation within the psyche, the body, the emotions and particularly in the transformation of blockages, patterns and areas of difficulty in your life. It can restore a sort of Divine order to the self. People sometimes find the ability to begin to make circumstantial changes seems easier when they begin this very deep and somehow magical work.

Often throughout the healing work  you can find that the Light somehow seems to be bringing life circumstances toward you that challenge the old ways of being, and thus this divine Healing can give you more tools to allow you to find and add new ways to deal with things differently, as the change has come from within you.

It might be that you find how you deal with things in your personal life somehow has done a complete swivel, for example, how you recover from setbacks or difficulties, or can now somehow allow yourself to just ‘be’ which in turn helps you find your own vibrant self. It can produce a more permanent state of healing, as your own consciousness evolves and adjusts through having it. You therefore change from the inside out.

Evolutionary Light pushes out the density within us, and allows us to evolve to a higher state of consciousness. There can be more Permission to be the Self, we move issues and change, and begin to connect up with our natural, powerful state, in a way that is entirely personal or perfect to us individually.

People can find that they are being restored back to their ‘natural blueprint’ as they recover themselves, like a ‘coming home to the self’. As the healing trickles through your consciousness, and your energetic being, it can help you reach your personal goals that you feel a passion to reach.

Clients have stated that following Evolutionary Light work. ‘It’s like I’m more Together, and can just be who I was supposed to be if I hadn’t been afraid to be myself.

There can be very profound shifts that give you help to step out of a stuck pattern or move from being in a ‘hole’ to more easily finding your sovereignty. This can give you more permission to reach your personal, independent and individual goals. There is then a sense of being ‘your allowed self’; supporting you in your life plans, to go forward with the choices that count and matter to you. It is a journey that can help restore you back to yourself, who you Truly are, as you begin to find YOUR Divine order within. 

What is the difference between Evolutionary Light and Reiki?

Reiki is an energy that is channelled through the healer, and is a vibrational healing. It can often do things like reduce pain, and help the body come into a place of calming – the healer channels the energy and can offer sessions either remotely or face to face which sends vibrational healing to the recipient (see Reiki page).  Reiki energy is more immediate, it happens there and then, and though incredibly helpful, generally doesn’t have an unfolding time over a period of weeks in the way Evolutionary Light does. Reiki does not move or change one’s consciousness in the way that Evolutionary Light does, or look at pattern changing for the future but it is a very helpful modality.

Evolutionary Light is not so much channelled through the healer, but it has its own consciousness. The Light is ‘activated’ to run at a particular agreed time with the recipient.

The healer needs to be able to have access to  an Evolutionary Light Frequency, to activate it.  Few people at the moment are working with this remarkable and Divine energy, and to have access to it is a gift. At this time of writing I am aware of only 4 other practitioners of this modality of Healing work.

Some of the changes  I have experienced in my own life after working with this vibrant energy, have felt extraordinary and would go as far as to say life changing. 

What happens in a session of Evolutionary Light Healing?

When you have booked an Evolutionary Light Healing, I will begin by intuiting  into your system, to see what is needed, or what your system has told me it will allow in terms of change ( the unfolding brings up issues for resolution so we are always careful not to overwhelm you or to add too many aspects ) and then, at an agreed time with you, I will ‘Activate the Light’ which will then flow for a period of time.

The length of time is determined often by the depth of the issue, or the number of layers that need to be removed between you and your personal solutions. This needs to be tailored in a perfect way to you, the Light will not give the all clear or go ahead  if this doesn’t feel in your best interests, or allow me to begin to Activate it if this somehow isn’t together with the Divine order.

There is then an ‘unfolding time’ where you integrate and adjust to what the Light has done in your body, your emotional self and your Life. This process trickles down over a period of weeks and for some of the bigger Transformations, months.

There can be a deep change to your sense of self, your personal choices and inner freedom, circumstances and your thinking. Following or during this healing People can then find themselves more able to make decisions or recover in areas of life where they have wanted change, but been unable somehow to do it previously.

How can I book an Evolutionary Light Healing and how does it work?

So, sessions are purchased via the website ( click the ‘Buy Now’ button) and then we can agree a time where you can have a Zoom/ Skype/ FaceTime / Messenger or Telephone consultation. This is the information gathering consultation and where we agree a time/ day  the Light will be activated for you. 

This healing modality doesn’t require you to be physically present, I have clients from different countries so you don’t need to be geographically close to receive this healing, as we will agree a time for you to begin to receive the Light where you can prepare to receive it in a calm meditative way.

After you have received the Light, which usually runs over several hours, or with the deepest Transformations, days, there is always an unfolding, which is generally over a period of weeks, or with some of the deeper Transformations, months. This is because when the unfolding happens, it is incremental, a trickling down rather than an immediate swarm of actions, and, as you then integrate and adjust to each part of the healing, the next layer is then revealed to be processed. This can’t be done all at once, as this healing works by your gradual integration rather than one massive crescendo and resolution of issues which one has to allow time to unfold within your consciousness.

All sessions start together by information gathering about your issue you’ve presented with, identifying  the goals you’d like to reach and the reasons you’d like Healing. A history is taken to establish where you are and what is relevant to you. I will intuit into your body, and ask your system to declare the messages that are presenting. There is also some communication with the Light in terms of finding what is best for you, what shifts your being is able to accommodate, what we can add in and what the Light is saying you need  in terms of transformation. Some issues, for example, we find are consistently at the root of a plethora of presenting problems, such as deep fears, or finding oneself in repetitive or ridiculous situations due to low self esteem. Some issues have many layers which take time to peel back as we begin to work together.

Our Zoom/ Skype/ Telephone sessions (or however we’ve connected) together will involve me scanning your system and intuiting into and finding out what it is saying to me. This medium of connection as well as our discussion around issues will reveal the aspects to look at for change. Evolutionary Light work is then accessible to you regardless of your proximal or geographical distance to me.

All Light work is activated without you needing to be present then and there. We usually start the Light when you are at home and have made time to receive it, as you would do to do a meditation.

Sometimes people may request and emergency healing, or healing to support through a particular life event such as an operation, an exam, or say, a funeral and will contact me to activate the Light immediately to support them through the process.

The information gathered and discussed together will be the basis of our agreed sessions together, and we will begin to work with the issues that you,  I and your body, or subconscious  have identified as really wanting change , and what I also may have intuited into what is going on with you.

Sometimes during Healing Sessions an Essence that would support the process might present itself. (See Essences page here). These can be purchased separately, to support & compliment the Healing. Some Essences, such as the Reward Essence or the Assimilation & Integration Essence might be used after a piece of work where a lot of layers of issues have shifted and the person wants to greet the world from that new standpoint.

Duration of sessions
All consultations are up to 40 minutes in duration, which includes history taking and agreement of issues and personal goals. These are done on Zoom, Skype, Telephone etc. A time is then agreed to receive the Light where you can be receptive, undisturbed and prepared for it. An unfolding time of weeks or months follows. This is all part of the same session, the consultation and the Light Activation, although some people prefer to just have the Light Activation on a particular issue, it is entirely your choice. I ask you to keep in email contact with me, if you’d like to so we can notice the changes. We will know during the session how long the Light will run for, and what the unfolding time will be. You can then choose to rebook another session after the first has unfolded if you wish to, or might want to consider taking an Essence, whatever feels right for you.

Why will I want to have Evolutionary Light Healing?

Life can be really painful at times, we can sometimes get stuck and feel as if we can’t even begin to reach a personal serenity, or recover what was taken from us. You may have tried many other modalities of healing which have helped you but the issues might still feel a bit entrenched in your life, or that it seems too much of a huge leap to reach your inner gold. 

You probably are deeply wanting to find change to your experience of how things are right now for you. You might feel stuck halfway between where you are, and where you want to be. You might be feeling frustrated, fed up or in a bit of a hole with how your day to day is, and want to move things forward, find sovereignty or to begin to see a difference in how you experience your life.

The reasons for healing can  be about a plethora of issues such as having physical ailments, experiencing repetitive patterns in relationships, such as picking the same type of people over and over, finding it hard to say No, and stand up for yourself. It might be you’re finding issues of low self esteem and self worth, or feeling very stuck or limited by family dysfunction, you may be experiencing grief over unresolved losses etc. You may find that you really want to find the inner strength to change but not know how to begin. This is where Evolutionary Light Healing can begin the process of deep changes.

Evolutionary Light as a modality can be extremely helpful for shifts in entrenched patterns, not knowing how else to deal with issues, and feeling stuck, suppressed or frustrated with being unable to move forward.

Perhaps the issue presenting is an emotional or spiritual one, and you feel as if can’t move on or past something. You might get irritated with your coping mechanisms, or feel as if you don’t know who you are. You may feel blocked continually by Life circumstances, and can’t seem to somehow engender change alone. Do not despair, change can happen within you.

It is possible to feel vibrant again, to feel that we have enough energy to be able to give back. Life isn’t perfect, or crystal clear sometimes, so we begin by accepting the crescendo of feelings we might have, and allow ourselves to rebuild gradually, with this work together and finally feel a sense of empowerment and being grown up at last. This is a gradual process of transformation and change, a journey towards freedom and sovereignty. Like all good things, it can take time, especially if you’ve had a lifelong issue with something, but Evolutionary Light Healing can help you find the path back home to yourself again.

Listed below are common reasons people contact me for Evolutionary Light Healing.

Three part Transformations also available:

 Click to find out more:

Healing the Mother Wound

Freedom from the Father Wound

Three part Transformations also available:

 Click to find out more:

Healing the Mother Wound

Freedom from the Father Wound

What other issues can be healed with Light Work?

Light work can be used on a plethora of problems or challenges: Physical, emotional, spiritual and circumstantial. It is a very personal healing, and can work deeply on issues that count to you. People have Evolutionary Light work for a multitude of reasons, and areas they’d like to see change in, including:

  • Feeling stuck in repeating patterns….such as meeting Mr Wrong over & over.
  • Low energy, feeling wiped out & exhausted/ losing our passion for life.
  • Physical ailments.
  • Parental wounding and family trauma.
  • Family patterns that feel restrictive and non-moving.
  • Self Esteem and Self worth problems.
  • Feeling stuck in life, feeling somehow powerless to change or as if they’re going round in circles.
  • Relationship problems that feel unhealthy.
  • Grief held in individual or Family systems, family ‘legacy’.
  • Trauma and the effects of abuses in our lives.
  • Feeling as if we can’t recover from or adjust to deep losses we’ve had.
  • Anxiety, depression and emotional issues.
  • Pain, both emotional and physical.
  • Feeling intrinsically unlovable or fatally ‘flawed’.
  • Being unable to say No, or fear of standing up for yourself.
  • Feeling as if we have somehow lost our identity or sense of self governance or just want to give up.
  • Feeling abandoned or that we can’t cope any more, in a crescendo of feelings.
  • Feeling victimised by others, or compulsive care taking of others, feeling shame if we meet our needs not another’s .
  • Self hatred, self rejection or self criticism which feels debilitating .
  • Spiritual or existential ‘emptiness’ or feeling lost.
  • Wanting change / feeling frustrated but not knowing how to ‘reach there’.
  • Stuck issues that you somehow can’t seem to shift or change with other modalities you’ve tried to resolve them with.
  • Struggling to find your own personal power or be visible in the world.
  • Being disconnected from own intuitive self and ability to be effective in own life.
  • Self Sabotaging patterns.
  • Lack of Self acceptance/Love.
  • Boundary issues with others.
  • Being overly harsh to or expecting ourselves to be perfect.

What can I expect from an Evolutionary Light healing session ?

I will ascertain how long the Light will run for, through having discussed with you the presenting issues and my own intuiting into your system . The Light will tell me how long it will flow for, what it is possible to include ( or not, so your healing isn’t too overwhelming as it unfolds)  and how long the processing time will be also.

We would then agree a time that the Light will start to flow, and you will arrange to have a quiet time to lie down to receive the Light, at your home, or other safe space,  as if you would for a meditation. Make sure that you’ve unplugged the phone and won’t be disturbed for at least an hour.

You may feel the Light as it starts if you are sensitive, some people feel a ‘thrumming’ in their system, or a feeling of being a bit wired up, others may fall asleep, or I’ve heard someone say they experienced almost a ‘divine communication’ from the Light. Other people have had a swarm or crescendo of sensations and  feelings, or a flash of a Gold colour/ Northern lights. You may feel none of these things which is also fine. There isn’t a perfect way of receiving the Light. I often just give a bit of thanks to the Divine, that we are collaborating together and we want what is the vibrant best for me. Sometimes if I’m really struggling with an issue I might ask for a personal miracle!

Depending on the depth of the issue, the Light may run for several hours or days. There is then an unfolding time over a period of weeks or months.

Over the next few days and weeks as your system adjusts following you can feel a little tired, and as the Light continues to unfold, whatever density has been pushed out will come out in either your energy level, your emotions, or your body. It will be important to rest as much as you can, to allow  your body to just be and give it the deep space to integrate what has been done, and to recalibrate itself to the changes. The same will follow for your emotions and thoughts, as they start to shift. It is not uncommon in the unfolding time to have intense emotions come up, that are released, or physical symptoms that come up and then disappear.

A good way to manage the layers that come up is with Epsom or Himalayan salt baths, which cleanse your system spiritually and make way for the next wave of healing. Light work is an evolving process and you may find the healing happens in waves, where you might experience an intensity about an issue that then resolves, a period of calm and then the next layer comes up, until you have fully integrated the healing.

It is important to go gently with yourself, as your system is recalibrating itself, and this takes time; where possible, allow patience and kindness with oneself as you adjust to the changes.

Over the following weeks, you may notice that situations seem to occur that might somehow challenge us, so, if say, the issue was with boundaries, you might find a number of circumstances arise almost as if in Divine order whereby you are challenged to uphold your boundaries, and as the Light unfolds, you may gradually feel you can be ‘more aligned with yourself’ and allow yourself more permission to say no. Or, personal situations that you’d found disempowering previously, your reactions to may have changed and you can then be somehow more able to declare your wishes about the things that count and matter to you in your life.

There can be a profound sense of inner freedom, a sovereignty over yourself that you didn’t previously have. People often report ‘feeling more like me again‘ or as if a hole in them has been filled. This work is incredibly deep, and can raise lots of issues for healing, and help really connect you back to yourself. At the end of the unfolding, you can feel a very deep, but subtle adjustment and change in your wellbeing. Sometimes it is difficult to ‘put your finger on’ exactly what has changed with words, but you know that you feel different and more grounded and empowered in yourself. Often it seems like a felt and integral change that can be immensely supportive to you as an individual on your personal journey.

It is important to note that some very deep rooted issues have a number of layers that need working through, as they have been going on for years, and are not resolvable in one session of Light work. Issues can have many layers to unpick and heal on many levels, especially if they’ve been problematic for a number of years.

Evolutionary Light work is not a ‘Magic Wand’ or miracle solution where you have no part in the changes, it will also require you to process the emotions and changes that can arise as a result of having received the Light. The nature of this work means that you and your deep  consciousness can evolve through the resolution of some of the issues you have experienced. The Light work can allow you to do this as it works within you and your consciousness, and can support you on your path forward as you change and grow.

Three part Transformations also available:

 Click to find out more:

Healing the Mother Wound

Freedom from the Father Wound

Three part Transformations also available:

 Click to find out more:

Healing the Mother Wound

Freedom from the Father Wound

What benefits will I feel from having Evolutionary Light healing?

Light work offers the opportunity to make profound changes in our lives, and by pushing out the density around issues, can lead to a very deep healing and transformation in our lives and circumstances. Your vibrational level increases as you adjust to the changes you’ve had. There is a sense that people can experience more personal power over their lives and choices, a clearer sense of who they are and what they want, and most importantly, can find a more direct move towards having a sense of individual identity, sovereignty and self worth.

Although the work is subtle, there can be a real feeling of resolution and  integration within the self, often, even though the focus may have been on one thing, there is shift and change in other areas too that you weren’t expecting. One client who I  worked together with for joint pain found that her memory and interestingly her creative talents also had improved. She told me that socially she’d been more confident in joining in activities with others than previously.

Benefits that I have heard most often stated are a reporting of feeling freer, ‘more able to make choices that support rather than sabotage me’. Clients have said they’d now had more ability to put down boundaries, and not feeling so much at halfway point of stating needs. That there was more ‘permission to be’. One client told me she felt as if she’d been given space to recover, an internal ‘freedom to be me’. Often there can feel an inner permission to be able to move forward in a more visible, vibrant and connected way, or to show up for yourself in a more considered way.

These are the things most often mentioned by clients when I ask them to describe changes they have experienced.

Circumstantially, I have seen people  find the ability to make changes in their lives that free them from patterns that were restrictive or unhelpful to them. One client with anxiety and OCD issues who had not been on holiday for over 10 years then found themselves, after the Healing, able to go away for a break, when previously this had felt absolutely impossible for them to manage. She told me that this was worth more than gold to her, as  what might feel like something so small to others was as if she had won the jackpot to her. This release subsequently had good effect on her self confidence and anxiety management abilities. 

The resolutions to issues can sometimes be felt on all levels. People can be empowered to make decisions in their lives that free them from oppressive situations, patterns that no longer work for them and restrictions of various types as they pursue this healing path. As their confidence and internal sense of integration grows,  it has a positive impact and knock on effect in generating more positive changes, as personal  freedoms seem more accessible.

My own experience of Evolutionary Light work as both a recipient and practitioner has been one of really profound healing, change and individuation. It has been both life changing and a blessing to me, as I find more internal  freedom to live my life in a way that supports and upholds me on my own personal journey forward.

I have found that the process hasn’t always been easy in the middle of changes but that it is definitely worth it for the results in the end!

I believe that you must continue working on yourself as a Practitioner; it is essential to your own journey, which  then informs your work with others as you yourself change, add knowledge, grow and evolve. This experience shows you how you can then support others to move forward in their own evolution, and path.

Duration of sessions.

All consultations are up to 40 minutes in duration, which includes history taking and agreement of issues and personal goals. These are done via Zoom/ Skype/ FaceTime/ Messenger or Telephone. A time is then agreed to receive the Light where you can be receptive, undisturbed and prepared for it. An unfolding time of weeks or months follows.

I often ask people to keep a journal of changes or issues that are coming up within the healing and ask for a feedback email half way through the healing unfolding time. This is so we can check to see if there are any blockages to the healing that have arisen that need releasing.

All healing work or taking of Evolutionary Light Essences is undertaken on the understanding that you have read, agreed and consent to the Terms and Conditions and the website disclaimer.



Three part Transformations also available:

 Click to find out more:

Healing the Mother Wound

Freedom from the Father Wound

Emergency Light sessions

People sometimes access these when they want to be supported during a particularly stressful situation, such as a Divorce, a Bereavement, or even a Wedding! The Light will help you adjust to the changes and provide support for you as you are moving forward with this new experience.

Some sessions will be offered as a three Part Transformations, such as the ‘Healing the Mother / Father Wound’  and some of the ‘Healing from Trauma’ sessions are a sequential nine month programme because with issues of such a magnitude as these, they are very deep rooted and require significant clearing as we peel back the layers to  Inner Freedom and begin a sense of rebirth.

These particular Transformations need  to be done in stages, as deep issues are raised to the surface which need to be dealt with. Part of the work with Evolutionary Light is that things adjust and get integrated as you process the healing so you can only deal with so many issues at one time.

It is important to note that some very deep rooted issues have a number of layers that need working through, and are not resolved in one session of Evolutionary Light, as the changes are to your consciousness, and felt experience, this takes time to unravel and heal, especially if you’ve had the problem as long as you can remember.

Sessions for healing are based on a particular issue, or in the case of deeper transformations, a theme.

Self care during Evolutionary Light Healing

It is important to support yourself within this process as the Light flows, and then unfolds by drinking lots of water, taking regular salt baths to peel off the layers as they come up, and making sure that you use your support network to deal with feelings as they arise. These are deep issues that we are dealing with, and must be given due respect to the emerging self. As these changes and healing happen over a period of time, you will need allow yourself time to recover and  to be gentle and patient with yourself as the layers come up, move, and shift as the Healing unfolds within you.

The Evolutionary Light Healing and Essence combination.

The Evolutionary Light Healing and Essence combination is one that can add another dimension to your healing and really get to the tender heart of an issue, as it combines a focussed healing on the subject itself and the support of an Essence to further deepen the healing, or work alongside other features revealed in the healing process. As humans, we are complex beings, and healing is multi layered. Evolutionary Light Essences support us with a trickling and cumulative effect, so themes can be fully explored over a period of time.

See how the Evolutionary Light Essences work here.

Within this session I tune into your system as a part of the Evolutionary Light consultation to consider which Essence might most support your personal journey. It may be that there is a matter that emerges that presents a variety of different aspects to it. I then send the indicated Essence  to you to take either together with the Healing or after, to deepen the process. As we are humans with a wide and multitudinous range of experiences, topics that arise are often multi layered, so adding an Essence that can bring support to change the different characteristics of that position can be very beneficial.

For example, one client who had an Evolutionary Light Healing session with the focus of ‘Moving Forward ’ also took the Hope Essence to assist her to be present with the changes and manage the process of transition from the old viewpoint to the unfolding new beginnings.

Most issues we present with aren’t one dimensional, and raise many layers to take into consideration. For example, some people take the Self Love and Acceptance Essence during or after their Self Love Transformation to support this vibrant new shift into themselves or explore this matter further if they’ve had significant difficulties with Self Love in life. We are complex beings with many countenances of ourselves, so issues such as Self Love, or the reverse of this, can present itself in a plethora of ways for healing change. Evolutionary Light Essences can pinpoint what will most assist the shift in consciousness and add a further positive direction to help you  reach the goals that count significantly to you in your life.

During the consultation process of Evolutionary Light Healing, a particular keynote often emerges. All healing work is done with the intention of enabling you to recover your sovereignty and inner freedom, and taking Evolutionary Light Essences can really help support this process as you begin your  journey forward. It is important to realise however that Healing is a gradual process which has incremental steps upon the pathway, rather than a magical wand solution to immediately fixing every single issue you’ve ever encountered in your life!

Evolutionary Light Healing and Essences together are a warm and wonderful combination and between them can help shift your personal vibration to reach new levels of freedom internally. This choice is ideal for clients wanting to take inner  transformation work to a deeper level and who now begin the steps towards integration. The Healing and Essence combination option is a perfect and very popular gift  and can be purchased here.


Please note: all Essences are taken at your own risk according to our Terms & Conditions

Helpful resources and links

It is important to support yourself through the process of Evolutionary Light Healing as it often brings up themes and issues which you may need extra help with. Some people are already having support from a therapist, or trusted support where they can share their feelings. It is really important to add in whatever support you might feel can offer you freedom and nurture. I have listed some links below as suggestions, but it is important to take what you like and leave the rest, your intuition will guide you as you decide what might most help and support you on your divine pathway.

You may wish to access to certain 12 Step Fellowships, which are spiritual, not religious programmes to look at substance or process addictions. These can be either local to you for face to face meetings, but, the beauty of Zoom is that you can access meetings all over the world now, to find the perfect time slot for you. This gives you the ability to explore what each fellowship is about, or how it might help you.

These are helpful ways to support your journey, they are extremely low cost, not for profit under led organisations which look at both Substance Addictions and Addictive behaviour patterns, and offer Spiritual ( not religious) solutions to unhelpful coping mechanisms. I would suggest if you’re experiencing issues with Alcohol or Drugs, it would be better to go to a Face to face meeting. The links given are for the UK but international meetings details can easily be accessed via the website.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Co-dependents Anonymous (CODA)

Adult Children of Alcoholic / Dysfunctional families (ACA)

 Survivors of Incest Anonymous

Other Resources 

There are very few Evolutionary Light Practitioners that I know of (6 in all) and three other highly recommended Evolutionary Light workers are Diana Jaritz, Kristin Jaritz and Ian Mills. I have received sessions from all of them and have been profoundly helped by their work. Kristin Jaritz is a practitioner based in Germany and can see German speaking clients.

Diana particularly looks at Karma Release, Stepping out of the Matrix etc. Her work is meticulous and excellent, and I highly recommend her. The link to her website is:

Ian Mills is another extremely skilled practitioner whose Light frequency ( Fire) is gentle but extremely powerful.

This is his website here:

You may also like to look at taking an Evolutionary Light Essence from me to support your process.

Some clients will also find helpful emotional supports such as Essential oils such as Lavender and Chamomile for calming, Bergamot for anxiety during the process as they manage their feelings. Some like to take Bach Flower remedies, or look at Homeopathy, I can recommend Helios who also offer brief homeopathic advice too.

Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT) is also very useful or perhaps consider massage, reflexology, Craniosacral therapy, Accupunture or a range of other therapies that support the Body, Mind and Spirit.

An Excellent meditation site is Insight Timer, which is free and has some fantastic teachers on it.

You may wish to contact me for a reading as you process your Transformation. See my Psychic consultations section.

Being gentle with yourself as the Evolutionary Light Healing process unfolds is essential.  Self care really is number one! Looking at how you provide for your basic needs and asking yourself questions like:

  • ‘Have I eaten today? What?’
  • Am I sleeping ok? What might help that?
  • Do I need to gently move my body?
  • Do I need to get some inner calm?
  • Have I spoken to anyone today? Was it a nourishing interaction?

It is important to remember that the building blocks of self care can support you manage your feelings and physicality on your journey, so look after yourself because you are worth it!

So, however you choose to uphold and help yourself within the process, make sure that your Self care is your priority.

Three part Transformations also available:

 Click to find out more:

Healing the Mother Wound

Freedom from the Father Wound