The Evolutionary Light Essences

What are Evolutionary Light Essences and how do they work?

Evolutionary Light Essences are a healing tool that support you to give you your personal freedom as they bring growth focussed on one specific issue that is individual to you and your journey.

Evolutionary Light Essences are a bit of Healing in a bottle. As you take the Essence daily, the effect will add up, giving specific focused attention to particular issues. Essences can help you begin to find freedom from blocks you might experience in certain areas, bringing support to find a shift or release from stuck areas in your personal growth and development.

There are a plethora of Essences to consider and choose from, so you can find the perfect one for you that will enable you to raise your vibration and help you reach a sovereignty over challenges you might be facing. Essences can give support to cancel out repetitive patterns or bring up changes into your consciousness that help you move forward. 

Some Essences are taken as part of a series, (see the Soul Healing Series of Letting Go, Hope, Assimilation & Integration & Rebirth & Resurrection) and some are taken in their own right as a Transformation Experience. Others, like the Support Essence, or the Emergency Essence can be taken to calm down the nervous system and restore the ‘pot of gold’ like quality of Equilibrium. One client I have swears by the Emergency Essence which she calls Liquid Magic!

Some essences are taken together with a particular Transformation, and can aid one in being able to get even deeper into the healing, for example, the Self-Love and Self Acceptance Essence really facilities the shift between the Self Love Transformation and letting go of the old, or what is not Self Love.

Some Essences are taken after a particular Transformation, or when you’ve experienced a life changing event, such as birth, divorce, etc, Essences such as Assimilation and Integration give support to really crisp up the changes, and help you recover enough to move forward as you experience your new vibrant position.

Other Essences like Resilience or Tranquility can be taken as a bit of Divine guidance to help you settle down when you feel in a place of emergency, feelings are at a crescendo or life has got a bit ridiculous to manage. Essences are not taken together, they are all taken one at a time to really embed the changes on one’s personal topics individually.

Please note: all Essences are taken at your own risk according to our Terms & Conditions

What are Essences made of?

My Essences consist of the Channelled Evolutionary Light on a specific subject, (such as Hope, or Tranquility) high vibration Glastonbury water from the White spring and are then sealed in brandy. If you want me to make your Essence with no alcohol please let me know on ordering.

An Evolutionary Light Healing Session  will focus on topics of Healing, and offer a session of Light, followed by an unfolding period.

Essences also do this, but offer this in a trickling and cumulative way, on specific issues. They also help us develop the qualities that we might seek in ourselves, or even in others. Sometimes during a Reading, a theme that an Essence may support with emerges, or, as a part of a Healing Session to be purchased to continue the Healing theme presentation.

Evolutionary Light Essences go a step further in helping us heal what is underneath the symptom, So, for example, the Self Identification Essence will help you get to the Root of who you really are, as it supports you to peel back the adaptive masks and survival mechanisms you may have used to cope and helps you connect to the true nature of who you actually are, it will help you ‘just Be’.  The Vision Essence can support you to see an overview of what is occurring in your life and how you might move forward, almost like a reading in a bottle, as it builds connection between you and the Divine, so there’s a bit of guidance, which can feel magical when we feel stressed or confused.



How to buy the Essences

You can purchase the Essences individually, or as a part of a set, like the Soul Lesson series, the Astrological Signs, Planets, or Numerology series. Each Essence takes 2 months to unfold, and they are taken one at a time, they aren’t taken at the same time, as each Essence focuses on a particular theme. I do know one Healer Practitioner who dowses for which Essence he needs each day, however this is rare, and unless it’s the Emergency or Support Essence, I recommend taking an Essence all the way through to concentrate on a theme to allow it to unfold fully. Sometimes Essences are recommended as part of an Evolutionary Light Healing session, but people also look and intuit themselves as to which one they need.

Please have a look through the Essences and see which one most supports you. Often, when people see the Essence list they might feel ‘I need all of them, which one shall I take?’ and so I recommend reading through the descriptions to see which one most speaks to you intuitively.

Types of Essences

There is an Astrological Signs Series which enable you to emulate positive qualities of those signs, Gemini might help with your communication, Taurus helps us unblock issues of worth both materially and internally. Some people take these to correlate to their Sun sign (star sign) or if they want to kick start a project for example.

The Soul Series Essences are a set of 4 Essences that give you support as you move through particular stages in life, or, when you want to really experience change in your circumstances. They are very powerful and help you find overview to areas that you want to see a more macro change in.
Some people have taken this series to begin a year that they really now want make personal changes in, find new gifts and qualities in themselves, others, to help them integrate life lessons as they move from one stage of life to another. These can be situations like moving house, any endings and new beginnings or develop ways to embrace choices you want to make or decisions you have had to take. I find this series hugely supportive when there are changes that I don’t know how to make, or accept, and want to move forward in more wholeness. This Soul Series has been invaluable to me personally, so I do recommend it to anyone wanting to live through changes and come out the other side in a better place!

The Planets Series helps you embody the positive qualities of those Planet’s influences, Venus will help you harmonise and feel more loving, wanting to join with others, Mars helps develop positive qualities of drive and determination.

The Numerology Series embody the qualities of those numbers, Number 1 will help you with new projects, initiating new starts, Essence Number 2 is a brilliant essence for Union with self and others, making it a great essence to take in relationships where it’s hard to see the other person’s point of view, and helps move towards joining again.

Specific Individually named Essences, like the Reunion essence will help to bring aspects of disparateness together, where there has been trauma, it can help you restore soul parts back to you, to help you reunite with yourself. This Essence is like having Soul Retrieval work.

How do I take the Essences?

Each Essence is different, and has a particular focus. Each essence is taken for a month, and will then have a further month of integration time. Most essences are taken 3 drops, 3x a day, but some have different dosages, as they work very deeply and need to go more slowly. Essences should only be taken one at a time, as they have an unfolding time, and they dig down to bring you closer to your goal by peeling off emotional layers, so for example, the Resilience Essence will support bit by bit to help you keep going, when you’ve been struggling and gives you the strength to move forward. Essences are sold singly, or, as a series, which leads you on to the next stage of development and growth. Essences can give such freedom as they can promote a deep healing on areas where we feel alone or in a bit of halfway or in between place, they can bring us from ‘being in a hole’ to ‘finding our Whole’. Using Essences builds a deep healing, as you take the Essence a few drops a day, you can track the changes, and then there is an unfolding time, with a profound reaching in to your consciousness to effect integration. As with all Evolutionary Light Healing, there’s a process of peeling off layers of blockages of what you don’t what, to helping you move towards more of what you do. Essences are a Healing in themselves, they are a two month process of change, one month as you take the Essence, and another month to continue to unfold.

All essences are taken at your own discretion and are sold & taken on the understanding of you taking full responsibility for your healing choices, and the effects of these. (See Terms and Conditions

Taking Essences as a Series

Some clients prefer to take the Essences sequentially as a specific series, to follow the pathway from beginning to end, so for example, they may take the Aries Essence, followed by Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and finally  Pisces, to go through the Zodiac, embodying the journey that the soul travels. This is a set of 12 Essences and can be purchased here: Zodiac Series

More information can be found about the benefits of taking each series on their individual pages, so click on each link to take you to their pages, they are a worthwhile journey!

Some clients want to take the Corresponding Planets to each sign which, if in order would be Mars, Venus, Mercury, The Moon, The Sun, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. There is also the Chiron Essence which goes with this series, and can be taken to complete this journey.

There are 10 planets, and then Chiron, which strictly speaking is an Asteroid rather than a planet, but has very deep healing properties of transformation linked to it. Mercury rules two signs ( Gemini and Virgo) and Venus also rules two signs  ( Taurus & Libra) so they can be repeated if wished. This is an 11 Essence set if both Mercury and Venus are taken only once and can be purchased here: Planet Series

The Numerology series goes from Essence 1-9 so that can be taken sequentially, and can be purchased here: Numerology Series

The Soul Series Essences are a set of 4 Essences that give you support as you move through particular stages in life, or, when you want to really experience change in your circumstances. They are very powerful and help you find overview to areas that you want to see a more macro change in. The Soul Essence series is a 4 part set comprising of Letting Go, Hope, Assimilation and Integration and lastly, Rebirth and Resurrection, and can be purchased here: Soul Series

See all Series

The Evolutionary Light Healing and Essence combination.

The Evolutionary Light Healing and Essence combination is one that can add another dimension to your healing and really get to the tender heart of an issue, as it combines a focussed healing on the subject itself and the support of an Essence to further deepen the healing, or work alongside other features revealed in the healing process. As humans, we are complex beings, and healing is multi layered. Evolutionary Light Essences support us with a trickling and cumulative effect, so themes can be fully explored over a period of time.

Within this session I tune into your system as a part of the Evolutionary Light consultation to consider which Essence might most support your personal journey. It may be that there is a matter that emerges that presents a variety of different aspects to it. I then send the indicated Essence to you to begin either together with the Healing or after, to deepen and consolidate the process. As we are humans with a wide and multitudinous range of experiences, topics that arise are often multi layered, so adding an Essence that can give support to changes with these nuances can be very beneficial.

For example, one client who had an Evolutionary Light Healing session with the focus of ‘Moving Forward ’ also took the Hope Essence to assist her to be present with the changes and manage the process of transition from the old viewpoint to the unfolding new beginnings.

Most issues we present with aren’t one dimensional, and raise many layers to take into consideration. For example, some people take the Self Love and Acceptance Essence during or after their Self Love Transformation to support this vibrant new shift into themselves or explore this matter further if they’ve had significant difficulties with Self Love in life. We are complex beings with many countenances of ourselves, so issues such as Self Love, or the reverse of this, can present itself in a plethora of ways for healing change. Evolutionary Light Essences can pinpoint what will most assist the shift in consciousness and add a further positive direction to help you reach the goals that count significantly to you in your life.


During the consultation process of Evolutionary Light Healing, a particular keynote often emerges. All healing work is done with the intention of enabling you to recover your sovereignty and inner freedom, and taking Evolutionary Light Essences can really help support this process as you begin your journey forward. It is important to realise however that Healing is a gradual process which has incremental steps upon the pathway, rather than a magical wand solution to immediately fixing every single issue you’ve ever encountered in your life!

Evolutionary Light Healing and Essences together are a warm and wonderful combination and between them can help shift your personal vibration to give new levels of freedom internally. This choice is ideal for clients wanting to take inner transformation work to a deeper level and who now begin the steps towards integration. Clients often have a goal they want to reach in terms of taking more happiness for themselves, so this is a wonderful option for inner harmony to bring outer change. The Healing and Essence combination option is a perfect and very popular gift  and can be purchased here.

£99 for the Healing, Consultation and Essence including postage.


Please note: all Essences are taken at your own risk according to our Terms & Conditions