Evolutionary Light Healing – 3 Part Transformations

Healing the Mother Wound Transformation

The relationship that with we have with our Mother ( or primary care giver, the word mother is used here but if this is different for you, use other as appropriate ) is our initial  introduction into the world, and, to ourselves.

Through this relationship we receive feedback about who we are, and the world around us. We form all of our attachments and patterns based on our experience of this with our parents.

Many of us, for a myriad of reasons do not experience the initial introduction into the world that we may have needed. It is important to note that this Transformation is not about castigating or blaming our parents, Due to the generational nature of family issues , life circumstances and inherited losses, it may well be that our Mother herself  didn’t receive what she needed when she needed it. You can only give what you have received yourself, and even if you have, logistics may make it impossible to deliver what you may wish to give. This is particularly the case in countries that are experiencing Wars etc.  We are humans, and not perfect and although we may do our best, it may not meet the needs of our offspring for whatever reason.

Circumstantially, emotionally, physically & logistically,  a whole plethora of issues can interrupt this attachment process, which impacts us hugely throughout our lives. How we feel about ourselves and who we are in the world is based upon it. Even when our parents are dead we still experience unresolved issues which impact on us today, that we somehow we cannot seem to recover from or move past.

This Transformation is a 3 part process, a 9 month transformation in total,  of 3 months each, to help you to find and reach your sovereignty  and heal or move through some of the dynamics that might feel difficult to you. In essence , it is like a Rebirth.

This Transformation doesn’t require your Mother to be alive, or in contact with you in your current life. It is often used by people who have had no connection with their parents for a variety of reasons, including adoption, death, trauma etc. They still have been impacted by their family relationships and want to recover and reach some resolution to painful legacies of dynamics, how they feel about themselves, or how they attach to others .

Each session includes a prior consultation together to ascertain your specific and personal needs. This is usually done by telephone or Skype/ Messenger/ FaceTime. You are encouraged to keep a journal of issues / circumstances that come up for you within the unfolding time. We agree the next session date at the session prior.



Part 1Clearing the rubble

This three month session looks at clearing some historical messages held in the Mother line, and the impact of these upon you. It also looks at How you felt about yourself  as a result of your feedback from your Mother and the external circumstances around you at that time. This sessions clears the ground in preparation to cut the cording to unhealthy or painful patterning you experience in your life today.

 Part 2Cutting the Umbilical Cord

This three month duration session looks at cutting any unhelpful ties with or patterns between you and your felt experience regarding attachments you have with your Mother/ Primary Carer. It can help you find who YOU truly are, and can help you be revealed to yourself.  You may experience spiritual, emotional, circumstantial or separation blockages, and so this session helps you to ‘cut the cord’ to these patterns. This Transformation is also something that is done even  if your Mother has passed away, as we are concentrating on the impact on you and the legacy of your experience.

This valuable session enables you to recover enough to separate lovingly, begin to  find your own sovereignty and self definition following the impact of this relationship.

Part 3Rebuilding the whole

This three month duration session looks at helping you feel incarnate in your own right. It can also install into you a feeling of self nurture, and an identity in your own right, a right to just ‘be’-  separate to that of your mother. This final session can help you experience a feeling of being born into the world as a unique and freer person, a sense of being ‘fed’ by life. This session is the Rebirth session, following the deep cleansing and healing of the two preceding sessions. The third and final session ends this Transformation, to help you form an inner mother to nurture and support you as you begin to go and move forward towards your own Divine and self directed Order.


This very powerful three part Transformation can give a sense of settlement to the many issues that we have with our Mother, our patterns of relating, and can allow you a freedom from which you can continue to evolve. There can be a sense of starting with a ‘clean slate’ on your individual and personal life’s journey.

People have often reported feeling a sense of independence and freedom . One client told me that she feels her relationships with other people have changed greatly, and that she felt less insecure, because ‘I finally felt like I was worth loving’.

Another man said that it felt like he could finally forgive his Mother, and that he was able to feel ‘more neutral’ to triggers that previously felt as if they’d put him in a hole with his emotions where he’d been unable to respond calmly. His relationship with his wife showed a knock on positive impact, he noticed, due to the way he then related to her.

This Transformation can be bought by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button below. You can purchase it and email or call me to book the first consultation session, where we will outline the process, which will take place over the following 9 months, in 3 sessions which unfold over 3 months, or almost ‘Trimesters’ each.

Freedom from the Father Figure Wounding

This nine month Transformation is also divided  into three parts of three month sessions each. Our experience of being parented (or not) by our Father can leave us with a legacy that impacts our lives today.

Your relationship with Men, or Authority will also derive, in part from your own experience of being parented by your Father, and he from his, etc. This experience will shape your future relationships and often be a part of your attachment process, and give you the feedback of who your Father perceived you to be as a girl/ boy. This also can depict our sense of self worth.  This message is then internalised by you, and shapes our future attachments and choices. This Transformation is very helpful in clearing out messages we have experienced from our Father/ line and the impact of these on our experience of relationships in the world.

If perhaps you had an absent or emotionally unavailable Father, you might find yourself subconsciously drawing repeated patterns of this dynamic to you in your relationships with Men, or how you perceive Authority figures, as your unconscious subtext tells you Men can’t be trusted or will leave you etc. You might know that you don’t want to repeat the pattern, but time and  again find you somehow have done so despite your best efforts. These issues have the same wounding regardless of whether you are in a heterosexual or same same relationship, or identity as Transgender or ‘non Binary’.

Again, this isn’t about blaming your parents or past circumstances, as we are human and not perfect , but it is about resolving your felt experience today so you can be allowed to find and take up your sovereignty and freedom from the messages you had from your father’s parenting , your worth as a result of that, or the current mirroring representative situation .


Part 1Clearing the Rubble

This session focuses on clearing any familial messages from your father/line and the impact of these upon you. It looks at clearing any negative messages the internalised sense of self has had about their father’s reaction to them from the behaviour experienced towards the individual or about the  having a Son/ Daughter.  This session will still help you if you currently identify yourself as ‘non binary’, transgender etc.

 Part 2Freedom from the Father

This session looks at detaching you from patterns or messages that you have experienced with your Father and severing these to enable to to construct your own personal identity which is separate. It releases cording that might have kept you bound to a concept of ‘how men are’ and can allow you move forward in new independent action. This session can be really helpful in addressing repeated patterns in relationships.

Part 3Rebuilding the Whole

This session enables you to integrate the healing and clearing from the previous two sessions and adjust to your new world view. It can help you find your own divine order, in  sovereignty from past patterns that have been unhelpful to you, and give you a sense of rebirth of your individual and  self directed being in the world. It can also help you have an internalised sense of an inner Father to protect and support you. 


People have stated that this Transformation has offered them a freedom from very frustrating repetitive patterns, and that they feel less drawn to or attracted by the same type of people or situations as before, allowing them to make new choices. Following this Transformation, one woman finally felt able to allow herself to start dating as she put it, ‘Keepers rather than Weepers!’

A man I saw after this Transformation told me that he’d found himself much kinder his own children as a result , he described himself as ‘not so harsh to myself or them’ so everyone gets on better now. 

Evolutionary Light work can help you find aspects of being joined up together with your true self, and can help you reach a sense of what is your own unique and personal Divine order.

For myself in my own  personal  journey, due to the changes and recovery I’ve experienced in my life as a result of Evolutionary Light work,  it was like hitting the jackpot of inner freedom, which has continued to help me both move forward and  reach the best version of myself. So, although it’s not perfect, it feels Good Enough somehow, but if you’d asked me years ago if that were possible , I’d have told you it’d have taken a miracle!

So, let Evolutionary Light help you shine YOUR own Light!