Emergency Light Healing

Emergency Light Healing

Emergency Light sessions are offered when we feel in a particularly vulnerable or difficult time in our lives, as well as dealing with big changes. This may be due to a number of issues, panic,  illness, bereavements, endings of relationships,  or any other deep changes in our lives,  issues that count to you on a personal level. This can also include responding to Pandemics or other situations that can utterly shake our lives as we know them upside down.

How can Evolutionary Light Healing help me when I’m in crisis?

Evolutionary Light work will help you find your Freedom within the circumstances, to somehow ‘get between you and your mind’ and enable you to find your sovereignty once more. We can feel so alone at times in dealing with our problems, it can be hard to reach out and find relief, so having some Evolutionary Light support can uplift us at a time when we need a hand to hold, or are feeling isolated.

Evolutionary Light can help give you the ability to cope with circumstances when they feel out of your control. Find out how Evolutionary Light works.

Sometimes it is not one big event, but rather a trickle of things that add up to a crescendo like wave; and feel there’s no way out. You do not have to sit in a hole of despair with the issues that count personally to you, there is a way through to support you and help you manage difficult times.

Usually, when we have a swarm of feelings to deal with, we can’t find a crystal clear solution alone,  because we have reached our limit. In these type situations it is important to be as kind and nurturing to ourselves as possible, Evolutionary Light can be an option you can add in to your own personal ‘coping toolkit’ which enables you to get through those times. Find out here about Self Care during Light Healing.


What types of situations can I get Emergency Light Healing for?

The main reason you’d book an emergency session of Evolutionary Light Healing would be if you’re feeling overwhelmed and as if you can’t cope,  think clearly or need help to get through something.

This can include dealing with Fears, anxiety about how something will turn out, illness, operations, exams, new circumstances of any kind or when there is expectation on you either from yourself or others. This might also be from imposed new changes, or any unexpected situation etc.

Sometimes,  certain situations can also be overwhelming but not negative, holidays, new jobs, weddings, babies etc, can all be stressful too, even if the change is a good one it can be overwhelming to process. I’ve had a number of people ask for the Light to be activated for the lead up to their wedding!

Together we can consider the situation, and find the thing that would count most to you in bringing some relief, perspective and ability to manage your personal circumstances. We can then focus our healing work on what will most allow you to find your sovereignty , equilibrium and give you the freedom to just ‘Be’ again.

Do not give up! There is help and support available for you, in a manner that can help you through.

Emergency Evolutionary Light sessions can offer a support to you that enables you to deal with the changes, and help you through the challenges, so that you emerge out the other side again. This Spiritual hand up, cancels out some of the sense of being  isolated and alone with whatever is going on for you.

Emergency Light can be activated at any time to help and support you with whatever is affecting you on a personal or circumstantial level.  You can book this at the ‘Buy now’ section, and following our consultation I can activate the Light Immediately.

Do you need a spiritual hand up at the moment? Could you do with some support to help you cope? Book an Emergency Light Healing here!